• Steve: I'm sorry, guys. And Natasha.
  • Natasha: "Guys" is fine; I don't mind.
  • Steve: No, it's not right. We need to come up with something non-gender-specific. How do we feel about "team"?
  • Bruce: Fellow Avengers?
  • Tony: The Starks?
  • Clint: Steve's Stable of Hoes?

Anonymous asks: Cap. Are you any good with spiders? There's a dirty big spider that's just ran over my foot and under my sofa. Could you come and get it for me? If not I'm burning the house down.


That’s probably a drastic thing for you to do.


Please watch and share this video, an accurate historical lesson on the bloody history of Israel, produced by a Jewish peace foundation.

Blindly spewing hate on one side without the knowledge to substantiate it is pointless. I 100% support the notion of Israel as a state and safe haven for its inhabitants, and as a refuge for Holocaust survivors.

But there’s not a single ounce of me that’ll stand by the way it was attained. The UN and World Powers like Great Britain which had mandates on Palestinian land, due to European imperialism, literally carved up the homes of an indigenous people, and relabeled it as a safe place for Holocaust survivors to “return to.”

They redrew borders and demolished homes in order to make way for their own agenda. And it’s validated by Jewish Zionist beliefs that this land is their divine right, promised to Prophets Abraham and Jacob by God in the Torah - a book that’s over 3 millennia old. At this rate, the Zionist agenda is no different from America’s Manifest Destiny and slaughter of our indigenous populations.

I’m so sick and tired of American “Zionists” playing victim and crying because their support for the mass murder of innocent men, women and children is not validated by the masses. Of American teenagers raised by conservative Jewish parents who instilled in them the ideals that what Israel is doing is necessary. That it is imperative. That it is their divine right. This intrinsic Zionist sense of entitlement makes me so, so sick.

Israel is not your “promised land.” Israel is not your divine right.

Over 105 Palestinians have been murdered in the last 3 days, and 785 civilians are injured, and not a single Israeli soul has been harmed. Instead, they’re flocking to cliff-sides in Sderot, miles away from Gaza to celebrate the dropping of bombs on Palestinian homes.

We have Zionists crying because the actions of their mother country are not being validated by the masses on social networks.

We have one of the most persecuted peoples of the 20th century, doing what was done onto them. 

We have American, Zionist-owned newspapers headlining articles watering down this vile ethnic cleansing, the NY Times reporting “Israel and Palestine Exchange Fire.” 

No, no people. Israel vs. Palestine is not a war. It is a contemporary genocide. It is a violation on every single unalienable human right we are born in the western world with. Support the oppressed and identify the oppressor. These dogs need to account for their actions.